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July 22, 2008

So whats happening at Boodom?

Im busy with Antu. Moms busy with Ashu and the kitchen. Hd is busy with work and doing groceries. Hes doing more of the latter, he complains! (And no it did nt occur to me to get the groceries door delivered. Trust me to come up with a blog story and to mention my husband actually buys the groceries, ugh! ;)

Ashu is all lovey dovey with Antu. Probably faking it because I can see she does nt like it if my mom or Hd carries Antu. And instead of telling it directly, she comes up with gems like "Paati. Carry me. I have hurt my leg", "Appa, dont carry Antu. Give her to Amma. Shes hungry and Amma wants to feed her", "Paati, finish that story you were telling me", "Appa, Im hungry. Feed me". Its really heart breaking to see her camouflaging her true feelings and trying to be nice! My poor darling! Who teaches these little things to hide their true feelings? Sigh! Probably its part of the baby package these days as they have to continue this charade all their lives with someone or the other.

Went to the Family Centre in our area last week. The children's nurse there checked Antu and the baby has put on weight and thank God for that. (Ashu as a baby was always borderline or under weight!) Right now, all she does is feed and sleep. Shes hardly awake. I remember Ashu was awake and observant a little more than Antu even though she was a good sleeper too. But this one takes the cake. We can hardly take pictures of her. And that reminds me, we had a hard time taking her photos to apply for the passport. And not to mention the thumb impression. Since we applied for Ashu when she was 3 months old, we did nt have this much trouble. Making Antu look straight at the camera itself was a big task. And the flash was hurting her eyes. And since we needed a white background, could nt put her in the car seat either. And Antu tried every expression possible to make our task tougher. (See the photo for proof.) Anyway, after clicking loads of pictures for over 10 days, we got one. Phew! For the thumb impression, tried stamp pad, ink, kohl, eye liner, marker pen, sketch pen and at last poster color. Poster color worked. But the downside was that Ashu sneaked away with the bottle to her room while my mom and I were busy with taking the thumb print and started painting the floor using her hand and feet as brush!! Thank God, she did nt touch the wall.

And we will be moving nearer to Ashus school from October. We have given the notice for this house and but no luck finding a new house so far. The ones we like, we are nt getting. The ones we are getting, we don't like it. I mean 3 bedroom and ONE bathroom? 4th floor with no lift? At this rate, we ll be "c/o platform" from Oct. And there are some changes in Hds job front as well. New house, new baby, new class and new school timings for Ashu and my mom will be gone in Sept. I think I ll go rest now when I can!


Its our space said...

Antu is never going to pardon you for this mugshot.Its a cute one ,though :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

It's amazing how dad's learn to remember all the groceries for the house ... BP always missed something when he went shopping initially (even after giving him a written list) and now he remembers everything when the list is read over a phone call!!
Your mom leaves in september ?? You better get all the rest now!!

Savani said...

Ouch. ouch ouch. I so feel what ashu's going through~ Its tough being the elder one!!!!

Antu has gorgeous eyes!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had my tickets booked already! So Cute!!

Shobana said...

Yes u do that! And Ashu is cute as always...have u tried to talk to her about what she is feeling?

Reva said...

That is such a cute pic of Antu :)
And Ashu has already learnt the art of being diplomatic.. super!

very soon akka-thangai will start teaming up.. and I can't wait to hear the stories, boo style!!!


Absolutely Serendipitous said...

Antu's picture looks very cute.Was she hungry when you took her picture??

Anonymous said...

Ashu -- u adorable kiddo... good work there.. we adults have a hard time hiding feelings and here u are acing it like a pro.. :)

Antu -- oooo u look chhoo chwwweet...... just like ur sis..

Boo - Take care and grab all the rest while you can :)

Mama - Mia said...


oh yeah! do get all the rest you can!

and hugs to Ashu for being so sensible and sensitive! :)

v cool mug of Antu! :)



Yashodhara said...

extremely late I am to the party, but a very hearty congratulations to you, Boo...hope all the newness works out perfectly well!

Rohini said...

Don't tell me you are already planning international travel with Antu. You brave, brave woman!

Anonymous said...

Hehe...I was just about to do a post on the running around we did for making the Munchkin's passport..the photo is priceless btw...

Noodlehead said...

Hugs to Ashu for being so sweet about the whole thing! that pic of Antu.

The way the frigging visa is going I dont think I'll get there anytime before Christmas (even tahat if I'm lucky..grumble, grumble). Will you guys still be Zurich. I sure hope so, really want to meet you and the little ones!

Tell me about the house situation. N's been looking for decent accomodation for four months and finally found something last week. Thank god!! All the best with your hunt...hope you get something real soon.

Go get some rest while you can!!

bird's eye view said...

lovely pic of antu

SD said...

I think Ashu is an amazing girl, handling the loss of complete attention so well. It obviously takes getting used to when you have to share your parents with someone. My nephew used to bite my niece when she was newly born, he was so jealous and upset at the shift of attention.
Both Ashu & Antu are so very cute. :) Lovely pics.

Prats said...

INspite of your huge tough times getting a picture out of've done a great job. The snap is so memorable adn the baby looks really cute.

Ashu is adorable, and kids sometimes do tend to get violent, but in her case she's being so mature in the way she is handling her insecurity. It must be a really tough time for her. Give them both nice big hugs from me

Vidooshak said...

Don't they know how to hide even their evil plans? Cubby manages to look his most innocent, making sure we pick him up for a cuddel, right before he pounces on the coffee mug or laptop screen a tiny arms length *behind* us. He's so much like Puss from Shrek, I think those animators must have been recent parents.

It was interesting to read about sibling rivalry in your blog. We relied on your experiences to start us off on the Cubby journey, looks like the same source will serve us well whenever we plan the sequel. Am sure Ashu will be a superb sister, eventually.

Good luck with the house hunt. Reminded me of Bangalore (we DO live on 3rd floor, no lift, and it was the best we could find among 28 choices!!)

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