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December 12, 2006

Phone, Fan, Spoon and I have one thing in common.*

The only thing good about the whole delay in getting our Swiss visas is Ashu having fun. With her grandma that is. Since last week, Ashu has started calling us by our names. She realized only last month that every one has a name. Before that whenever we ask "What is Moms name?" She would say Ashu. Whats dads name? Ashu. Whats grandpas name? Ashu. So much so that you ask what the doggies name is and she would answer with Ashu. As if the only name worth having is Ashu! Anyway, then she understood the trick. Now shes showing off. At first, she started pointing to the photo on the fridge and saying Thatha and then his name. Its a photo of my dad and Ashu. Then she started saying his name whenever he talked on the phone. This weekend, my dad visited and she started calling him by his name. It was very cute. And she shortened his name and called him "Soo" so it did nt sound so offending. And I knew she was just flaunting what she has learnt. Then the day before, we were in a department store and I was paying for the goods. My dad was carrying Ashu and she called me "Amma! Amma!". I did nt respond to her as I was counting the money. So this one shouts "Oooon". I was shocked. "Oooon" is what she says when asked for my name. My name does not sound even remotely like "Oooon". (Pronounced like Spoon but without the S of course!) But she sticks to Oooon. Whatever. Anyway, this one had the guts to shout "Oooon". And is continuing to do so. Annoyingly. Amma, amma. Oooooooon! is what she calls me every time now. And my mom is "Paati, Paati, Dhaadhaa". And my dad is Soo. She does nt pretend with my dad. She knows he would respond to her even if she says "Here! Here, nice doggy" to him! Long distance phone calls have saved HD for now from disrespect. But what do you know? Hes feeling left out and urging her to call him by his name! To be honest, it sounds absolutely cute when she calls us by these made-up names. I just hope she stops before she can pronounce our names perfectly well. For my parentings sake!

* Ashu says "Oooon" for phone, fan, spoon and ya, me!


Artnavy said...

Me first again. Anush says Naanu instead of Navnu as I refer to Navy.

She does not know my name:-( I woudl prefer ooon to anon.

Anonymous said...

first time here.. ur posts are really adorable.. kids calling names of elders is really cute!

The Visitor said...

Boo this post reminded me of GB speaks

B o o said...

Thanks Visitor. That was a hilarious post. I read it last time when you introduced Gounder Brownie to me. I owe you big!

Welcome Mathangi. Cute for now, not for long!!

Art - May be its some daughter thingy not to say their mothers name. But then Ashu said Amma before Appa, so no complaints! ;)

The Visitor said...

Some more links for you Boo:

mommyof2 said...

cute:-) I made A say hubby's name when he was 8 months old;-) And now Gudiya say too;-) I think its so cute right now:-)

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