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May 05, 2006

Needle Magic.

We found this cute little shop called Needle Magic. They have clothes especially for little girls. Right from new borns. Its not a place where they have dresses in all sizes. They have a small collection in different sizes. But we can make an order if we like something and they will stitch it any size we want. The stuff they have are pretty good and does nt give you the "off the rack" kind of feeling. I bought a bikini for Ashu(giggle!) and also wanted a frock for her birthday. But they did vt the lace I wanted. Too bad. The one I saw was 2 sizes bigger. Probably I ll buy it anyway for Ashu to wear a year later! It was that cute! Never thought it would come to this. I have always been a readymade wear kind of a person. Now I am actually designing(sort of!) something for my baby! Well, thats motherhood for you. Full of surprises!

You can find Needle Magic at 16, Kings Street, Richmond Road, Bangalore. (just behind Brigade Towers after Vellara junction!)


Anonymous said...

Boo, unga Tamil Blog a padikka mudiyala..i can see only question marks..Edha font problemaa? How to rectify it?


Anonymous said...

Boo : antha kadai Proprietor kittenthu evLo 'cutting' vAnginInga? :-)

lakshmi : seems your m/c is not equipped with unicode tamil fonts. Download this application and run it. It will install unicode fonts and then you can read any tamil blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot prakash..But it works only with windows right?
Is there anything like this for Linux? I usually work in Linux systems in my lab...


Anonymous said...

lakshmi, I am not familiar with Linux os and Firefox browsers. there is a tutorial on reading/writing in tamil. you can read it here. The procedures are self explanatory. just go through and do the necessary settings in your system. If you still have problems, let me know.

B o o said...

U r welcome anon!

Prakash, thanks for helping out Lakshmi.

Lakshmi, are you able to read now? Sorry, Im clueless!

>>Boo : antha kadai Proprietor kittenthu evLo 'cutting' vAnginInga? :-) <<

Prakash, Ennamo Amma katchi la serndhuta maadhiri kekkareengale?? Dress "cutting" panna naan dhaan kudukka vendiyadha pochu, neenga vera! ;)

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